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New headings

Published on 2017-01-04 20:45

Eleven months ago I was preparing to turn my life upside down. Being nomadic, starting my own company and leaving some family members behind. It was overwhelming and not everything panned out. Actually my success rate is around 33%.

Being nomadic is fun and great for some people but not for me. I need an office, a base, which supports my routines and supports me to keep them. Nomadic lifestyle is anything but stable thing. Nomadic lifestyle is a disruption which my neurodivergent traits can't handle in the long term, 9 months were more than enough. So I am where I am started, sort of, I have more self-confidence.

Starting a business isn't easy, it's insanely hard. Choosing whether one wants to be a service or product business is hard. Both have it's pros and cons. The inability to choose between them and nomadic disruption were the main culprits why I chose to buy some time by going in-house for the time being. I regret neither starting business nor going in-house.

Leaving some family members was the most personal decision of 2016. Sometimes toxic people have to go even though they are family of origin. Choosing people in one's life is more important than going solo or in-house. I still have some somewhat toxic people in my life but they don't affect me as they used to.

During the first week of January I am planning to write a lot about my new headings. What I can say for sure is that I don't plan on becoming a professional illustrator although I will make quite a lot of illustration projects. The reason behind it is simple, it helps me think things through and also helps me relax. Words are important but having autistic traits and dyslexia can make it difficult to use words in communication. I believe that picture is sometimes better than long explanation.

Business-wise my next heading is going to be product oriented, most likely around Wordpress. This part is the one which I need to think through more. But you can bet that I will not make my own CMS because I don't have enough time to maintain it and there are very good CMSs out there already.

The reason why I want to go into product oriented direction is because I need to build a system which can run on an autopilot in case something like autistic burnout happens to me again. With service oriented business not being able to leave the house could be a big problem, especially if I relied on local clients. Product oriented business might be easier to maintain even on lower energy levels, at least until I could get better.

I wish you successful year 2017.