Monday Notes 2023-03-13

Published on 2023-03-13 10:26

It's very easy to bite more than you can chew. After year of not blogging it feels a bit like that.

Last week I released a video on my Youtube channel explaining my failure to make videos on a regular basis. So I think I learned my lesson.

At the moment my tasks revolve around adjusting systems that will support me in writing blog posts and making videos in the long term. Some of these measures are temporary, like using github to store my blogposts as I write them. Others are more long term like creating a schedule so I know what will go out and when.

One big task that I don't know how to solve yet is how to avoid burning out. I do have some ideas like taking breaks during July and December. Or at least slowing down a bit at certain times of the year.

Second is tied to the first, building a habit of writing. Both posts and videos require it. It's not easy as every habit takes time. The worst part of it is that my brain makes me guilty that I'm writing instead of learning or coding.

To help overcome these feels it useful to remind myself that my marketing and sales skills need to be developed. Writing and making content are one of the ways how to do it.

Third thing that's on my list is not making my identity around being a content creator. It's nothing wrong about it as a career. That said if such content creator burns out and can't publish vlogs, blog posts, etc. they have to deal with an identity crisis as well.

The reason why I am mentioning this is my own experience with being front-end developer as career and identity. There's nothing in me that wants to experience that again.

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