Monday notes 2023-03-06

Published on 2023-03-06 09:16

Charts are a powerful tool to help us make decisions in professional and personal lives.

Last week I was exploring some macroeconomic data after going through the invoices sent to clients in the past six months. These days in Czechia the inflation rate is above 15% and Koruna is strong against both, Euro and US dollar. I am starting to feel it and don't like it.

From the charts published in a post on Saturday there's little to give anyone confidence that bankers at Czech National Bank know what they are doing. In the short-term it may mean very little.

In the long-term it means that a decision will be made in next couple of months. There are about four options to choose from, some of them include moving abroad, some of them require career changes. For all of them I need to gather more information.



Visualization of 25 brightest stars.

An interesting data visualization of sources of chemical elements.

Alberto Cairo explains how we lie with charts about LGBT issues.

It's possible to customize the markers in lists with CSS.

Whatever field you are in, it's important to know its history. This article about Monroe N. Work is must read for people in data visualization.

Useful tutorial on how to work with color scales in D3.

To wrap these notes up. I'd recommend reading a post about personal data viz by Zach Rottman about bugs brought from day care.

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