Monday notes 2023-02-27

Published on 2023-02-27 08:50

When restarting this series the plan wasn't to write one post and stop. Writing is one thing I want to do on regular basis.

TLDR: Always choose your tech stacks wisely and listen to Scotty.

In the past two weeks my free time was filled with rewriting my CMS from Python to Rust. My motivation behind this rewrite is unhappiness with my current Python code base. Generally I like Python, especially when working with data. That said Python has its limits and my CMS was starting to hit them.

Also this is my first time rewriting of non-trivial application. Like anyone who never attempted this before, my estimations are way off. This is not caused by the language of choice, Rust. My estimations are bad as I underestimated how much work I did on the Python version. Vaguely remembering all the features is not a good place to start.

At the moment Rust version of Sloth is still nowhere to be ready. Conservatively it's 25% done of the goal to replace current Python version. This progress is acceptable. The most important thing is how to move forward.

The speed of the development will slow down which is not a bad thing as long as it won't stop. The focus of the last two or so weeks is not sustainable, especially if I want to work on my data visualization career switch.


Stochastic parrot ChatGPT is all the rage these days. Just don't blindly trust it. It has no issue to lie to you. OpenCage has bad experience with it.

Post on DataWrapper why dual axis charts are a bad idea.

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