Monday notes 2023-02-13

Published on 2023-02-13 16:00

After a more than a year of not blogging it's time to resume writing.

Over the years I've been experimenting with a format of this series. In this run I will not just share links to what others are doing. I will also share what I am up to because some smaller stuff that wouldn't make a blog post on its own shouldn't stay hidden.

On the personal note, I am working on rebranding myself at the moment. Currently I work as a front-end developer and I don't work with React. In the past when a recruiter contacted me about a React position I did go to an interview. Unfortunately, my experience with those interviews was that they later rejected me because only React experience on front-end counts.

So after more than six years of working with frameworks, I am left with three choices:

  1. limit myself to non-React roles. The downside is that there's a lot less of them
  2. immerse myself in react world which would include make pull requests to popular React ecosystem packages. I would love to say that creating your own project and publishing it on Github works but I can't.
  3. leave front-end

First option is my fallback and default option if I do nothing. Second options is sort of possible. Front-end is not what I studied at university. I studied classes closer to data science because data were always easy to read and sift through. In my 20s web developers made me angry by making inaccessible interfaces. In my 30s I calmed down and I don't have it in me to get angry enough to pull it off again.

Third option is to leave front-end. Over the years I got interested in data visualization and as mentioned above I do have covered the basics of data science. So as second and third options require similar amount of time, energy and effs to give, it makes sense to give leaving software development a chance.

I still like D3.js so I'll keep in touch with web.


CSS is becoming more powerful every year. :has selector gives us a better way to access siblings.

One interesting thing outside of JS frameworks is View Transitions API. It allows for SPA-like transition between pages.

Agile is everywhere. It's not the silver bullet some people make it to be. Jakub Jurovych makes case for explorative programming.

One of the skills that's needed these days is asking the right questions. Allen Downey answers question are your data normal?

Short explanation why visually mimicking someone else doesn't work.

AI at the moment is not kept in check and having mostly straight men working on it means that women are harmed by it.

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