Monday Batch of Links #5

Published on 2021-07-19 08:25

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This batch is focus on data viz and accessibility.

Currently working on

Visualizing non-Japanese sumo wrestlers

Currently reading

Using SVG with CSS3 & HTML, it's thick tome.


Hiding my quirks is a lot of work. The question is is hiding them good thing?.

Over the weekend I encountered an issue where Shiny makes whole R not responding. There's a WSL workaround that works for me.

Accessibility is hard and use of overlays such as AccessiBe is not the solution.

With weather going haywire and planet warming up it's important to look at graphs. This one tells how much hotter it will get in your lifetime.

For color contrast my go to tool is Contrast Ratio by Lea Verou. WhoCanUse will probably replace it.

Marteen Lambrechts wrote about his process of building polling explorer for Reuters.

German chancellor gets weekly poll results about current topics. Zeit visualized last almost seven years.

There is a discrepancy when it comes to articles on Wikipedia between men and women. Francesca Tripodi wrote a paper analyzing it.

As a follow up having incomplete data can marginalize already marginalized people. Mei Ke talks about how to improve data collection.

Comparison between Shiny, Tableau and PowerBI.