Monday Batch of Links #4

Published on 2021-07-12 08:07

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From the end there are links about future of work. In the middle are links about UX, Python and mildly interesting fun things. At the beginning are links to three courses.

Currently learning

At the moment I am learning through courses. First one is Scott Jehl's course on performance. Second course is User Experience Design Fundamentals because the back-end of my CMS needs improvements. Third is a hands-on Rust course.

Denial of Service is an effective way to slow down or even disable a service. DeepSloth emerged as an equivalent for machine learning.

Flying helicopter on another planet is fascinating. On Ingenuity's Flight Six there was an issue when processing images. Its Chief Pilot explains what exactly happened

Simone Giertz is making machine about periods.

UX as it is practiced today is disturbing.

Learning about how people organize their projects is useful. Rachel Draelos explains how she sets up her Python projects without Jupyter notebooks.

Having worked with a bunch of bad managers made me learn more about management, at least to improve my ability to differentiate between good and bad ones. Sarah Drasner wrote an article about her mistakes and what she learned.

Burnout is tricky and self-care will not solve it.

As a huge proponent of "let people decide where to work", there are two articles. One talking about peril of bosses who demand people to be in office and second about how hybrid model will make the IT work harder.