Monday Batch of Links #3

Published on 2021-05-24 10:53

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In this batch there links related to accessibility, Pandas and being human.

Currently working on

Making small improvements on the back-end of my blog. Ex. RSS link is in my blog's header. Starting several data viz projects.

Currently reading

Noragami vol. 2. Always working isn't a healthy state.


Computers have never been designed to work for humans. Zoom fatigue had it's predecessors since rise of computers.

Pandemic has made us all numb to a certain degree. Connie Hanzhang Jin made a comic about coping with said numbness.

Accessibility is important. Tools that say that will make your website accessible are bad. So here's a tool that will help you bake accessibility into your website/app.

Rust is six years old.

Some times one needs to have a fun with their tools, so this time one needs to appreciate BB-8 done with charts.

Container Queries are one of the most interesting things that made it to web in very long time. Sara Soueidan wrote a nice introductory article about them.

This post by Haki Benita about using SQL for data analysis will remain in my bookmarks because it's pretty handy when high memory usage is an issue.

Another comparison this time between Pandas and Rust by Xavier Tao. (Pandas and I are still on friendly terms.)

Storytelling is important part of working with data. Susie Lu wrote an article about it in exploratory visualizations, dashboards.

Thanks to Sara Soueidan I learned about a font designed for greater legibility.