Letters used in Czech and German alphabets

Making peace and moving forward

Published on 2018-01-01 20:00

From January 2018 I want to write in more languages than only in English. I've chosen two additional languages, German and Czech.

Through writing in more languages than simply English I am trying to achieve two goals:

  1. Making peace with the past
  2. Moving forward
My personal relationship with my parents' language, Czech, is complicated, I know the words but I can't convey any emotion through it. I have tried writing in it before, both fiction and non-fiction, I tried translating and it felt hard, awful, and expressionless. Even translations from English/German/Russian/etc. felt that way.

I am not sure if this experiment will help me to be more fluent in Czech because on a certain level I am more fluent in German despite not being able to talk for long because at the moment I lack the confidence and a lot of words in my memory. This brings me to writing in German.

My German fluctuates between periods when I practice and periods when I let everything slip. So my goals for German version is writing consistently in German and eliminate periods when I don't think about German at all. Those first two or three dozens of posts won't be high quality but I am considering this as a part of preparations for B2/C1[1. I am not sure which one yet.] Goethe Institute certificate.

In the future I am considering also Estonian version but that's uncertain at the moment.