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Irregular Batch of Interesting Links #8

Published on 2019-06-21 09:00

It seems that my irregular batches are becoming weekly. This week there are links to articles about how tech affects people and about humans.

Looking around at social media and web in general, it is more than ever important to keep personal websites alive. Matthias Ott wrote good introduction to them.

Through one of the recommended blogs in my RSS feed I came across Luis Coelho illustrations of animals.

Online and offline is blurred these days a lot. Micheal Kwet wrote about surveillance in physical spaces through apps and bluetooth.

Another point where online and offline are blurred or even non-existent is hatred enabled by companies such as Facebook. In this NY Times article is described how anti-Rohingya hatred spread to India, effectively proving that Mark Zuckerberg didn't kept his promises, again.

There are a lot of misconception about Autistic people which I hear daily. One of them is that Autistic people are naturally horrible, people like xoogler JD who blame their misogynistic/racist/etc. behavior on Autism don't help. Ann Memmott wrote an article debunking that Autistic people are naturally horrible.

Layout Instability API is definitely an API to watch out for because it'll help to improve UX on developers' side of things.

Mervi Emelia wrote an interesting article about ideal clients for everyone who ever had issue with defining ones.

Big conferences like JSConf EU are inaccessible to because of the amount of people there and my anxiety. So I do appreciate when organizers put videos of talks online. My favorite this year is Bryan Hughes' talk about relationship between Queer people and Tech.

Code reviews are hard. Sandrina Pereira wrote on Smashing Mag how to get better at them.

Even though I am Front-end dev/UX designer hybrid I sometimes venture into back-end. This time I am building back-end for CMS in Python and because we use ORM1. at my day job I chose to go without this time. Moses Gitau gives initial pointers how to start.

Josh Ben-David wrote an article about relationship between UX and security.


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