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Irregular Batch of Interesting Links #7

Published on 2019-06-12 09:00

Seventh installment of interesting links is here. Quite frankly, making it irregular makes me feel better because I can't miss a week and feel bad about missing it. 😊

One of my wishes for the web has happened. W3C and WHATWG are converging!

For over an year I've been working in a distributed team (Argentina, Czechia, Slovakia, UK). As am I eyeing my next career move I am pretty sure that it'll be remote if it's long-term. So I am gathering articles about remote work. This one talks about 10 reasons why it's better.

In JavaScript we have the ability to hide functions through closures. That's great but it complicates testing those functions. Philip Walton wrote two posts about how and why to test functions hidden by closures.

Failure is significant part of human life. This article about it makes me consider asking questions about it during job interviews with my potential future managers.

It's important to take care of oneself. Alissa M. Trumbull wrote an article about filling oneself up after a draining day.

Being in a creative fields, competition is something that I've complicated relationship with. Fortunately Larry Maguire sums the competition problem nicely.

Recruiting is hard, especially in places like Prague, Czechia where are more jobs available than developers. But however hard recruitment might be recruiters should never ever use AI brainlessly because AI without supervision will do more damage than good.

Anil Dash wrote an article about trust which everyone, especially my current and prospective managers should read.

Long essay for designers and developers regarding tech diet and how we should change ours and people's around us.

For my future reference Claire Lew wrote an article for everyone who considers becoming a manager in the future.

European Disability Forum published their analysis of European Accessibility Act.