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Irregular Batch of Interesting Links #5

Published on 2019-01-30 09:00

Writing code is political, designing is political. Our politics needs to improve the world, not destroy it.

Some developer say that writing code isn't about politics. Fuck them! We are all humans[1. Having "the frozen seasprite" on my Twitter profile doesn't change that] and everything we create is political in one way or another. Climate change is unfortunately political and as things are right now, things will not be ok!

Designers and engineers don’t work for you. Mike Monteiro talks about it and Benek Lisefski wrote about it.

Lara Schenk wrote an article why CSS was, is and will remain to be a programming language.

Hey, you. Yes, you, be kind to Open Source developers even if you pay them. They aren’t your slaves and OSS developers deserve to live good lives.

Hiring in IT sucks because people who try to hire don’t know how to sell the position and sometimes working with external recruiters feels like being treated as meat. Some, not all, problems are analyzed in a post.

With NPM and PEAR compromised, it’s important to vigilant, may be even paranoid because everything has a security vulnerability. Sergey Davidoff writes about vulnerability in Rust.

Language matters, language matters especially when you belong to a minority. Disabled people are one of the largest minorities and yet abled people don’t respect Disabled people’s language. Robyn Powell writes about it in her post in Dame magazine.

There’s a border between protecting copyright owners’ rights and comfort consumers are will forgo. Problems with HDCP as described by Terence Eden confirm my beliefs that copyright owners should focus on making their products accessible and affordable.

There’s danger that we see and that we willfully ignore. Among the one we willfully ignore are hate crimes by white people. Last year in US the extremist acts committed were only by white people. Not muslims or latinx against whom Donald Trump rages.

One unexpected thing that is a by product of Brexit is BBC becoming more European by setting up second headquarters in EU.

As developers and designers it’s our job to make things we create as accessible as possible. Rich Staats wrote an article about designing UI for color blind people (mostly men).