Irregular Batch of Interesting Links #12

Published on 2020-12-30 19:25

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This is probably the link batch of wretched year 2020. Hopefully next year will be better than this one.

This batch is a bit unique as 2020 was a hard year and during last four or so months when I gathered these links there was a decision to be made, to remain a front-end developer or change career trajectory and the links here reflect that.

As my work on SlothCMS continues my interest about how others solve really hard problems grows. AbdulFattah Popoola wrote awesome post about solving insurmountable tasks.

Firefox turned 15. Hopefully with recent Chromiumization it will be here for at least another 15.

As tech worker there's no real focus on physical health. There should be.

Working in digital spaces sometimes we need to be reminded that physical world exists, this year especially when a lot of us rarely left our homes. Paul Hebert wrote an article how toilet design can impact web design.

UI is hard, don't listen to Mr. Bilbo's trolls1. who say otherwise. Over at Axess Lab they wrote about why disabled buttons suck and what to do instead.

With my upcoming career change it's important to distinguish between permanent and expiring skills. Thanks to Morgan Housel's post I'm realizing that I gained a lot more of the former during my time as a front-end developer than I thought.

I'm not a fan of using newest trends for the sake of being trendy. Ben Nadel of InVision explains how to keep balance between people and technical problems on an example of microservices.

Despite not being a frontend developer anymore, performance is still an interesting topic. In the past it was advised to use Google or other provider to host fonts. Simon Wicki in this post explains why it is better self-host them instead.

Also this year burnout and subsequent dark depression paid me a visit, so it was refreshing that I am not alone in this struggle when Sophie Koonin argued that we all should give ourselves a break

If I listened to advice to an article how self-care is a discipline this year might've been better for my mental health. Right now I can focus on the next year.