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Irregular Batch of Interesting Links #10

Published on 2019-08-28 09:00

Finally tenth installment is here, it's been a year since I made them officially irregular and it's one of my better decisions.

According to recent ECJ1. ruling, if you/your web designer/your developer puts Facebook's like button on your website you could be liable for the data gathered.

As technology is affects more and more people, even those who don't actively use it, we need to ask ourselves questions about ethics of it. Fiona McEvoy explores this question.

Google Chrome team's announcement about privacy protection made me feel disappointed and I wasn't the only one. Team over at Freedom to Tinker wrote an article deconstructing Google's message.

One of the ways to combat more and more pervasive facial recognition might be jewelry similar to Ewa Nowak's.

On CSSWizardry is an interesting post explaining what Time To First Byte is and how it affects web sites.

On UX Movement there was published a post about (im)proper use of toggle switches.

Creators of Amble ask a question what does designing for good look like and offer possible answer as well as nudge how to help.

On Webflow blog was published a post explaining differences between UI and UX design.

UX Matters published an article by Jim Ross about worst ideas he heard about user research.

Oliver Joseph Ash from Unsplash wrote a post about using namespaces in JavaScript/TypeScript.

Mervi Emilia wrote a blog post about creating content and through that gaining an authority in a field.

Thanks to Codrops list of links I came across a charting library that styles all charts as hand-drawn.


  1. European Court of Justice🔼1