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Interesting things from the web - Week 50 of 2017

Published on 2017-12-12 09:00

Last week was crazy, my LinkedIn messaging inbox is flooded by recruiters and I am starting to lose track of to whom I need to reply and my spoons are leaking as well. It's also a learning experience in telling people no because not all positions are interesting or allow me to have reasonable hours.


This weeks posts I'll start with an accessibility blast from 2016 about underlines for links. Remember that links have to be more distinguishable from the text around than simple color change. Which reminds me to make them even more visible on this website.

I am fluent in reading and writing in two alphabets, Latin and Cyrillic (I won't comment on the state of my Russian), but those two aren't the only alphabets in the world. Some alphabets are written in different directions than left to right. So in case you don't want to write JavaScript to detect alphabet, you can use dir="auto" .

Guttenberg is coming to Wordpress. Morten Rand-Hendriksen shared slides from his talk at WordCamp US in Nashville. I am currently gathering data to write my own post about Guttenberg. Currently I can say that as a piece of tech it's quite impressive.

EU Member States reached an agreement on European Accessibility Act, it'll take some time to reach an agreement between European Parliament and Commission but we are getting towards an accessible future. This is NOT the end, au contraire, this is the beginning because a lot of people and service will continue to be excluded.

This year the web changed so much and very quickly. We got CSS Grids and WebAssembly supported almost any where, by the way Smashing Magazine shared on twitter better @supports  query how to detect current CSS Grid standard:

@​supports (grid-row-gap: 0) {   
  /* style rules for browsers that support modern Grid Layout */
In all that I am somewhat forgetting the changes in JavaScript, partly because I work with compilers which I can't say I love. So I am always looking for post about JavaScript, this one about symbols in ES6 caught my attention.

I started coding very long time ago, more than 15 years ago, and I envy current newbies the amount of resources including Code Newbie and BaseCS podcasts. In the latest CN podcast Jen Simmons talks about her career and creating CSS standards. The most interesting thing for was that those people who create standards aren't a blend of browser vendors, designers and developers.

I am leaving my current job because there were some unhealthy tension between me and my manager who codes, so reading a posts about managing small teams which make sense makes me happy.

Alastair Campbell wrote an interesting post about text sizing. Also there is a reminder that WCAG 2.1 will be published early next year.

I wrote a post this week about SVG and animations in case you want to read about the current animation on my landing page.

There was a justifiable uproar about Judith Newman's book 'To Siri with Love'. So if you were considering to buy and read the book, please, watch the video below first:


Currently Reading

Difficult Conversations which is a book about conversations which are difficult and even if I am not done with it it made it easier for me to give notice.