Interesting things from the web - Week 17 of 52

Published on 2018-04-25 09:00

Last seven days I didn't read as much as wanted to but during my walking routine I learned to listen to podcasts a lot.


My next career shift is probably to UX or at least user centered development. On NN group's blog is an article with career advice from more than 1000 UX professionals.

Personally I have aversion to VC, so I am happy to see posts about and from entrepreneurs who refuse VC money.

Dependency Injection is something which confuses me when I see the term. So I look it up quite often and here I leave it for reference.

Unless I go freelance again, I will have sooner or later negotiate for salary. On Levo is an article about six questions to ask during salary negotiations.


Long time I went across this Direction Reveal piece of code. I hope I will use it some time soon.


I am really into a lot of things, coding, UX, data visualization, illustration, travel, reading, writing, you get the point. Episode 118 of Design life caught my ear because hearing other people's experiences is important.

On The Mental Breakdown podcast Dr. Berney and Dr. Richard spoke about addiction, devices and apps.

The tech is unreasonably masculine and it makes me happy when I see women doing their own thing. Rachel "Konichiwakitty" Wong was a guest on Pursuit Podcast talking about combining tech and fashion.

One thing which makes me happy are other developers who care a bit more about humans than they care about being technically right.

More than two years ago I tried being a digital nomad. I failed but I might give a try another try in a year or two. So now I am binging Nomad+Spice podcast. Having a home base would be something that I would definitely change.

Currently reading

Phil Sturgeon and Josh Lockhart: PHP: The "Right" Way