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Interesting things from the web – Week 16 of 52

Published on 2018-04-18 09:00

Getting enough sleep makes life easier. Now I need to figure out what I'll drink during the summer because sticking to warm tea during warm days isn't exactly an ideal solution.


I've participated in so called sharing economy but frankly it doesn't feel as good as Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen's sharing economy sounds like which is almost two centuries old.

An interesting flow chart came up to my attention which helps when considering a design job. To a certain degree it can be used for development jobs as well.

I am no fan of the term design thinking because on its own, it's a terrible concept. There were two posts about it, one by Natasha Jen and one by Khoi Vinh which made me feel a bit validated.

There are so many things I want to do in very short time. Luckily there's DHH's post about down sides of hustling on Signal v. Noise blog which helps me keep grounded.

I don't always agree with Mike Monteiro but when it comes to saying "I don't know" I am fully on board.

There is a difference between accessibility, universal and inclusive design. Matt May on Adobe's blog explains the differences.


Hurry Slowly is one of my favorite podcasts these days and while I was listening to it I liked episode with Paula Scher the most.

I like history and frankly Lithuanian history is a bit mystery for me because in neither Czech nor American schools was I taught a bit about it. In fact Grand Duchy of Lithuania has an interesting and rich history. Deep Baltic podcast in second episode explores Kaunas, second biggest city in Lithuania and once a capital city.

Sometimes it's good to listen to the "geriatrics in the room" (Paul Boag's words, not mine) talking, this time about a topic which is close to my heart and that's Developers and their role in User Experience.

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