Friday batch of links #1

Published on 2021-04-30 08:35

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My blog is now quite functional, not pretty and neat but it works. So there will be some changes going forward. One them is that this batch will be more regular.

Currently working on

Today is last day when I am working on my Sloth side project, except for bugs. In May there are plans to improve my R and data visualization skills.

Currently reading

Alice & Bob learn Application Security by Tanya Janca is a book that teaches me how to be a better developer. Love it so far.


Cryptocurrencies are evil, they waste energy, make hardware more expensive and scarce. And, unfortunately, some people abuse free tier in CI products.

Visualizing small data sets is hard. Post by Stephanie Evergreen explains how to do it properly.

Certain company that prided itself in being great to work for chose to shut down all political discussions. As person whose existence is political I feel the need to share Penelope Phippen's experiences in tech