Deploying imperfect

Published on 2020-09-06 15:18

For a while now I've been on an edge, is Sloth deployable or not yet. The reason behind that was perfectionism. Sloth is not perfect and there's a laundry list of things that I want to accomplish. So why is Sloth deployed?

Software development is never done. There is always a bug to fix or a new feature to develop. That's the reality and no one can change that.

Choosing to deploy imperfect Sloth came to one thing. Is the current pain justifiable? After almost nine months of not writing, the pain was too much.

Sloth was my "eff Wordpress, I can do better" project. I was naïve because Automattic is a big company with a lot of resources1. Nevertheless I persisted and learned more lessons than I initially thought I signed up for.

That said my time with Wordpress on my main site was time-limited as there were things that I could not accomplish with bending it too much. Setting up new CMS with better basic control over things sounded like a good idea and it was reason why I didn't give up over the time.

So keeping up with development and postponing deployment started to harm me. I wasn't doing the thing which was the reason I continued. What's worse, I stopped writing altogether.

So I deployed my new CMS. It'll be here a mess for a while.