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Dear Data #3: Week of Complaints

Published on 2018-09-10 13:00

A colleague of mine always complains that I complain way too often. So I kept track of my complains and I complain a lot to myself, even about complaining.

Note: Dyslexic me missed 'to' in 'Complaint to someone' in the legend.

Complaining data visualizations


Since I work full time and can't escape tech these days, most of the complaints are around that. Most of the time it's nothing serious unless I have to write a lot of Java.

Next specific topic is Art and these are a bit Kafkaesque complaints in meaning that Franz Kafka complained in letters to his friends that he doesn't have enough time to write.

The last significant category was complaining about how much complaining. One complaint was marked as complaining about how much complaining about how much complaining aka meta-complaint.

Other categories that I've complained about are my dev side project, news, this project, family, food, sport and everything else.