Day 21 -Naysayers, Poopheads and Evil

Published on 2019-11-21 23:11

Whatever you do there will be people who don't give a as Dain Irontfoot would say a dead dog. Also there will be people who don't get what you are doing and there will be people who will put you down because they think their ideas are geni(t)al.

Recently a someone I know had to talk about the stuff that he codes is perfect that everyone else's side projects have to be thrash. To be frank his words hurt a lot. So I am trying to write down things about people who aren't outright supporters.

The people who don't care about what you make are in my opinion the best because they don't care. There are so many things in the world that people could care about, so you have to make something really good to make other people interested in your stuff. That's awesome. Knowing that there are such people in the world motivates me to get better at my craft and make useful things.

Poopheads are on the other hand people who have no idea how hard your job or your side project is. But have to tell you that you should make something innovative while you are learning new things. Innovative in meaning to do something that no one has done ever before. But that  doesn't make them poopheads yet. What makes them earn this nickname is that they will put you down because you are making something which already exists without acknowledging that you are still learning how to do things.

I have encountered one such poophead while I was working on a year long project during my third year at high school. It took me years to recover. These days I am happy to do something that already exists with my own spin or because I want to learn something in the process. But for a while I felt like a failure because I wasn't on cutting edge of my field.

And finally Evil are people who have to put you down to feel big. What that guy said hurts but hopefully I'll have to work with him for less than two more weeks. There's never1 a need to call someone's project trash "just because".

Because I am hopefully leaving soon and won't have to deal with him, the recovery feels faster. Also having fulfilled one of my programming goals on that side project, it doesn't hurt as much.

Please, don't put down other people's project as long as they don't harm people or our planet.