Day 20 - Tricking myself

Published on 2019-11-20 21:06

Sloth and Toes projects were complex from the very beginning and it took a lot of iterations to get them to at least half working stage. Part of the success of where Sloth and Toes are is this blogvember.

There was no chance of success to write 30 blog posts this month, I knew I'd fail. I wrote it in the very first post. This year's blogvember is a mission that had to fail, in order for something else to work.

This month is one of the more intensive ones when it comes to working on Sloth, especially when it comes to sustained focus. In almost two weeks I was able to make Toes functioning, it's still not as big and good as ThymeLeaf, but it's working and it's usable. Refactoring will be needed later down the line though.

Sloth is back where it was when I was using jinja templates. They are fine but if this year has taught me anything, making something temporary is not my cuppa. Especially when I believe that I can create a custom solution. Jinja template were always a temporary solution.

So if you have project that needs a push, push from the side.