Planning the second half of 2019

four differently colored line symbolizing paths and a question mark at the their common start

May 2019 will mark two and a half years of me working in corporate environment as a software developer, front-end leaning web developer to be precise. It feels like a good time to reflect on that and ponder what to do next in 2019 and early 2020.

There are several contradicting thoughts around coding inside my head and it’s completely Ok as everyone got into software development for their own reasons. I used to be proud that whatever came my way and that whatever had a codable solution I was always able to code my way out. Unfortunately after two and a half years of corporate software development my feelings that impasse is near are heightened.

Although coding is still awesome, I had a blast writing expression evaluation for my template language for my side project, my feelings towards traditional software development are quite cold, around 10K1 2 to be exact. CSS is great, HTML is awesome, SVG is beautiful, JavaScript is amazing. Frameworks, not so much and it doesn’t matter whether we are talking about Spring or Angular or Guice or React.

As much as I wish and want framework implementation to fulfill my needs for mental stimulation, it doesn’t feel enough. Not even close. Deep dive into CSS fulfills those needs. Data manipulation and visualization work for me as well. Using designer tools like Figma feels great especially after a day of coding.

So what’s next? I still do care about tech, so no, I am not leaving just yet. I’d like to focus more on User Experience and Interfaces because of my consistent curiosity and need for accessibility, Data Visualization because who doesn’t like data3 and Animation on the web. Also I’d like to move from Prague, at the moment my sight is set either on Hamburg or Greater Berlin without Berlin itself, reason behind this is the same as why Prague isn’t good place for my neurotype4 to live in, basically both are too big.

Also I’ll be sending talk proposals to meetup organizers and hopefully I’ll speak couple of times this year. My wish is to speak in Berlin because I promised to do that, Brussels/Antwerp as my sweet tooth demands Belgian pralines and Tallinn/Helsinki because I’d like to see couple of friends I’ve not seen in a long while. Ottawa, ON would be a bonus and I need to pick up my books which are still at my dad’s place.

  1. approximately -263.15C or -441.67F
  2. Also if feelings could conduct electricity, mine would fall into supraconductive category
  3. Neurotypicals aka Neuroborings?
  4. As of writing this post I don’t have ASD diagnosis and don’t feel that trying to get evaluated would be beneficial at all