Nomad life doesn’t work for me at the moment

Purple luggage

When I decided to travel for sometime because I have been sick of being depressed, housebound and completely unproductive. At that time I was housebound for almost one and a half years because everything outside happened to be too loud to endure. As I was getting better I made a decision to go out to the world and to get rid of toxic people and things in my life.

I became a little more productive but I missed my desk in my own room where I don’t sleep. That’s probably the greatest downside to the whole nomad life. Melodic Metal is my favorite music and wearing headphones, even good ones as Bose, causes me some sensory issues.

For next two months I’ll be staying with my dad in Canada and then I will be traveling for at least two months before I settle somewhere physically. I am thinking about northwest Germany or on southern part of Sj√¶lland in Denmark.

Virtually I am staying in Estonia because for a semi-verbal person having an access to good digital infrastructure is important.