My tools, 2019 edition

It’s been a while, four and a half years in fact, since I wrote anything about my tools. So this post is long overdue.

Text editor, IDE

Four and a half years ago my main text editor used to be BBEdit because there was nothing better at the time and my main computer was Mac. Since then I changed main system from Mac back to Windows and better code editors and IDEs appeared. At the moment I am using Intellij at work, not my choice, because my work requires me to write code in Java.

Outside of work my go to text editors are Visual Studio Code for single files and for larger projects PHPStorm, version of Intellij for PHP and front-end web projects.

Graphic tools

After switching back to Windows possibility to use Pixelmator which used to be my favorite raster graphics editor, Photoshop never was permanently in my toolbox. Fortunately Serif created Affinity Designer, vector editor, and Affinity Photo, bitmap editor. The former I used on my Mac machine and the latter after switching back.

At the same time I am using Clip Studio Paint Pro, considering upgrading to EX version in the future, partly because I want to get back to making web comic and it has a lot of useful brushes out of the box.

As for tools for designing UI I’ve worked with Sketch before they removed themselves from the App store. After the switch I tried Adobe XD but it didn’t feel as comfortable as Figma which is my go to tool at the moment.


As I started vlogging again I needed to replace Quick Time Player, quite suitable replacement is OBS Studio. It has more options than I need at the moment but it does the job I want from it. And for processing videos for the time being I’m using ShotCut.