My social media strategy

I have been thinking about my YouTube channel which is mostly dead lately. I started it because I wanted to document my journey from Czech republic to Estonia to Spain to Canada to Germany (?). But as I was traveling I realized that making videos about my journey isn’t fun but a chore.

Yes, like many people I hate my voice too. So editing videos on my own became quite hard as I was also fight a bit of dysphoria because I sound deeper than I want. But that was the only problem I had with it.

Next problem is scheduling and allocating my time for it. Between writing, reading, working, networking and making a web comic there isn’t much time left. And I was already neglecting my web comic for longer than I wanted. I had to leave something behind. My YouTube channel is logical choice because Lone Wolf comic is too close to my heart.

I can support two blogs with at least one post every week, I can do once a week web comic and I can handle two Twitter accounts, @ygebi and @xgebi. But I can’t support all that and a YouTube channel. It’s too much.

I recommend to anyone choose which social media they can support and choose them. Don’t pick all of them if you can’t support them in expected manner.

Thanks for reading.