Last minute rebranding

So I own an Estonian company. It wasn’t as easy as 18 minutes for me because of other life circumstances and others being a bit faster than I am accustomed to from living a long time in Czech republic. Guys at LeapIN were really pleasure to deal with.

At the beginning I wanted to avoid to use my name as a brand because I changed my name several times during my gender transition. But I was ready to do it, it just wasn’t my preferred solution. Unfortunately I couldn’t have used name ‘Dyslexic Panda’ because WWF has registered European trademark for almost service classes including 42 which deals with anything coding and design related.

I am not angry at them for that. If I were angry with WWF it’s use of word panda which refers to that black and white bear and not red panda. It complicated my plans a little bit and pushed me partly beyond my comfort zone.

As I had no other back up names for my company I chose to use my name. So the name of my company is Sarah Gebauer OÜ1. So now I have to create branding again. I have some parts which I want to still use but some will be quite different because I have evolved as a designer. My plan is to create a new theme on Monday 15th and around that time to publish an app or two on Apple AppStore.

I still do plan to meddle with WordPress and web in general because I feel passionate about it. One reason might be longevity. What is on the web stays on the web and unless we, the internet users, allow walled gardens it won’t be lock-in in hands of couple of companies. The other reason is portability. I can make games in Unity and port them to other systems. I can’t do the same with apps without HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I am changing direction to what I thought it would be last month but looking back this is right solution. I will start considering/looking for client work after February 19th.

  1. short for osaühing