Irregular Batch of Interesting Links #9

random circles and rectangles

Well, weekly batches didn’t work for long. This time there are links about UX, Angular and couple unrelated topics.

Group of Princeton researches published a white paper about the dark patterns on websites. Here is their summary.

On Harvard Business Review was published an article about research which concludes that women do better than men in leadership roles.

Liran Haimovitch wrote a refreshing article calling for new generation of source control.

Kate Lucey challenges infinite scroll on InVision’s blog stating that infinite scroll is bad for business and society.

New reCaptcha seems to be working in way that analyzes your behavior rather than analyzing your ability to process images.

On UX Movement there’s a post about why we should avoid using text buttons. (Engineers at Apple should read it because turning off alarm on iPhone is pain in the butt). Another article published there discusses single toggle buttons and issues that arises from their use.

On Angular in depth blog there’s a post about Angular environments which would have helped me a lot six months ago.

Me hiring someone is not at the moment on the table. So for the future reference Claire Lew wrote an awesome post about on-boarding new person.

Another installment of Chris Ashton’s “I used web…” focuses on transfer bandwidth which is still important even for us in Europe.

We all love taking a good picture. So, please, before you go somewhere to just take picture read this article from Paul Reiffer first.

Quinn Keast wrote a post about possibility gap where where he discusses unknown unknowns from human’s point of view and what to do with it.