Irregular Batch of Interesting Links #6

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Spring clean up means another irregular batch of links.

In recent post I wrote in a footnote that I don’t see a benefit to get evaluated for Autism. One of the reasons why I don’t see a benefit how medical society treats Autistic people. There have been studies on how to recognize post-traumatic stress in vets, child abuse survivors, bullying survivors and others and we know how it looks like. We also know that Autistic people get bullied more often and are subject to abusive therapies like ABA and as Ann Memmott wrote we have no idea how (C-)PTSD looks like in Autistic people nor do we know how to treat them.

Carol Millman wrote an article comparing ABA and dog training where she explains why ABA is abusive and why we shouldn’t even try to use it on dogs besides being barred from working professionally as a dog trainer.

On the bright side of things Germany Anti-Monopoly Agency, Bundeskartelamt, prohibited Facebook to combine data from several different services.

As one of the last things of this European Parliament approved is Common Identity Repository which will store biometric data of EU and non-EU citizens. This is a bit worrying not only because it’ll be a target for hackers but also because Denmark after introduction of biometric data in their passports couldn’t keep the data consistent.

Mozilla released its annual Internet Health Report. The world is not ok but there are some bright spots calling for more ethical tech.

Aastha Gaur wrote on Inside Design an article targeted for new comers to the UX field. A lot of it applies for everyone.

In the past couple of months I’ve been struggling with “social” media, as remedy Cal Newport’s article about IndieWeb came to my attention. There he asks a question if decentralized “social” media can help or if humans are going to reduce their usage in time.

One of the bookmarks I do not want to forget is about security and logging in PHP as this is a pain-point to be implemented in SlothCMS.

Accessibility is important! Charlie Fisher on Deque’s blog debunks five accessibility myths.

Molly Conway wrote an article where she makes a case against monetizing your joy.

Now that Edge is Chromium based, it’s starting to be available on Mac OS as well. It’s been a while since any Microsoft browser was available there.