Irregular Batch of Interesting Links #3

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The lack of regularity is working for me a bit better as I am able to process everything at my own pace. This time it’s a mix of English and German articles.


(German) Marie Wieck, general manager over blockchain at IBM, talks about the importance of having women’s voice in everything surrounding technology.

As a woman in tech I do appreciate posts like the one from Patricia Aas who gives survival tips for women in tech.

Ryan Bonnici published on HBR an interesting article on why he encourages his employees to consider outside jobs. It may sound counter-intuitive at first but I think that it makes sense.

JavaScript is everywhere on the web these days. We, developers, should consider what it does to the web ecosystem. On a similar note, fortunately, there are other developers who are disenchanted by current state of things in development.

A lot of browsers is a good thing, testing only in Chrome is not. According to Jen Simmons of Mozilla, -webkit-*  prefix is no longer WebKit specific.

With continuous propagation of software to new fields, it’s not a positive news that people in agriculture are tied by EULAs and losing their rights to repair their machinery.

Kevin Ball wrote an article about history repeating itself. In the past developer work was prestigious enough until men started pushing out women. Front-end is historically more accessible to women but recent and not so recent tweets/blogs/talks that CSS sucks is devaluing those who were in that field again.

Small piece of code which shows how to update CSS custom property from JavaScript.

For the first time in my life there’s a female recipient of Nobel prize for physics. It’s sad to read that before the announcement her work wasn’t significant to have a Wikipedia entry.

On the lighter note, there was a bit survey about Autism which shows that Autistic have a lot more intense empathy than Autism professionals want us to believe among other interesting things.

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