Irregular Batch of Interesting Links #2

7 random circles and 3 random rectangles

It’s been a year since my surgery, so things are going to be a bit easier now. Here are posts which caught my attention since last batch.


Ada Lovelace is considered to be the first programmer. But I never knew what her program really did, fortunately there are people who went to historical journals and wrote about it.

Susan Fowler wrote an article which resonates with me a lot because it deals with current problems with tech and what we, engineers, allowed to happen.

Shanise Barona writes how online harassment is a technical problem.

There’s more to front-end development than just JavaScript. Zell Liew wrote an article about what he thinks good front-end developers need to know.

On The Creative Independent was published an interview with Laleh Khorramian talking about taking a break. It’s a bit longer.

As a developer who has now quite a lot of experience with legacy software, I’d say that writing documentation is more important than having 100% test coverage. Bobai wrote an article why he thinks documentation is imperative for software developers.

Mike Davidson wrote an article where he compares importance of learning on one hand and importance of shipping on the other and why you shouldn’t compare two very different projects by how often they ship.

Recently I found Ryan Hagerty’s article about using HSL where he explains how it works which I like a bit more than Sara Soueidan’s recent article on the same topic.

Rachel Nabors wrote for CSS Tricks an article about diversity of web browsers. Seriously it’s important to keep alive as many web browsers as possible, we already lost Opera1 and now only three web browsers are left. Also I miss Kazehakase.


  1. Opera as browser is still here but the engine is lost.