Irregular Batch of Interesting Links #11

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It’s been a while since #10. This batch is about decentralizing work and social media, privacy, design and accessibility.

Decentralized social media is hard thing to pull off. Fortunately it is becoming more mainstream. Link to guide how to set up your own social network.

Joni Trythall wrote an awesome post about remote work. It’s valuable for distributed teams like the one I am on as well.

Charity Majors wrote an article about Honeycomb’s experience of building remote company from founder’s perspective.

Taking a stand when it comes to privacy in tech is not easy and hopefully people in tech will follow Basecamp’s example in diminishing the ability to track people.

Some schools are starting to use facial recognition. This brings a lot of issues not just because surveillance is deployed against minors who might not be able to comprehend ramifications of misuse of such technology, worse is that those kids will grow up with normalized surveillance in physical spaces and very little privacy. (If you are an adult not employed by NSA, CIA, BIS, BND or similar, you probably don’t how widespread surveillance on web is.)

Being a developer whose tasks include also design makes me interested how to involve more design into Agileā„¢1, Aarron Walter wrote interesting article which can serve as steps forward.

Material Design and other design systems have their flaws and problems. Ben Moss wrote a post about why you should rethink using it if you don’t work for Google.

After a recent court decision US border is no longer a lawless zone and devices can no longer be searched unless there is a suspicion of digital contraband.

As I started a project related to drop caps I revisited Ethan Marcotte’s article about implementing drop caps.

Mervi Emilia is my favorite blogger when it comes to marketing. Her post about personal branding is probably the best on that topic I’ve read.

As Dyspraxic human it makes me happy to hear that e-scooter companies which invade cities get sued for making public spaces inaccessible.

  1. Agile in theory and Agile in the wild are two different things. If I could make the decision we’d use Spiral which is somewhere between Agile and Waterfall