Irregular Batch of Interesting Links #1

10 random rectangles

After failing to keep up with posting links every week, let’s do this on irregular basis of somewhere between one to four every month.


Charles Pearson writes about importance of anthropologist on the development teams working on products. As a developer who values not-developers on the team very, I’d like to sign this document because it’s very important.

MEP Julia Reda wrote a post how easily one of her blog posts was de-index by Google after a request from a robot in Australia. Ironically it was a post about censorship and how current tools allow abuse.

As a trans woman I was very disappointed, that’s a bit of an understatement, when it comes to size of pockets and women’s pants. Jan Diehm and Amber Thomas wrote an article comparing sizes men’s and women’s pockets with a lot of beautiful visualizations.

Although I am not looking to move to Japan, Gaijin Pot posted an article with couple pointers to look for in order to avoid working for a shady company in Japan.

Being dyspraxic myself I love to hear about others experiencing it as well. Anna Hart wrote about her diagnosis and experiences as a dyspraxic women.

Because this blog has illustrations with some, not all, posts I was interested how others tackle this. Yaroslava Yatsuba of Tubik wrote an article about her process of creating an illustration for blog posts.

Since I am leaving twitter for some time I am happy to see that others are looking for way how to be less dependent on social networks, which means that SEO is back.

When it comes to being less dependent on companies’ silos, I am exploring my possibilities. W3C last year accepted WebMentions as part of their standards. I learned about from A List Apart article which discusses practical uses.

Hampus Sethfors wrote an article about skip links and how they don’t work on mobile devices well. There’s a solution which doesn’t work everywhere as this is mostly a browser vendors’ issue.

With my Twitter hiatus I am curious how others deal with social media. On Creative Bloq was published an article about social media and artists.



Flying Witch is a slice-of-life anime series.

Also I came across Jen Bartel‘s website and I really like her illustration style.