Interesting things from the web – Week 1 of 2018

One orange trapezoid, 51 purple trapezoids

Welcome to 2018! Hopefully it’ll be way better year than 2017 was.


Recently I have been reading posts about taking responsibility as tech people, one on Wired and one from Christian Heilmann.

Last year I submitted CFS but for a long time I wanted to avoid speaking even though I wanted to become a speaker for a long time. Melissa Kim wrote two posts why women say no to speaking. Part 1 and part 2.

During couple of job interviews I mentioned that I am interested in accessibility a lot. Couple of people started immediately talking about ARIA which is great in general but ARIA should be used where normal CSS and HTML can’t go.

I already got one offer from the interviews but I had doubts and didn’t accept it immediately. Post on The Muse made me ask more questions.

As an ATCK1 I am always interested in other cultures. So reading that China isn’t as homogenous as some would like us to believe is more than interesting.

Codpast is usually my go to place for posts about dyslexia but their post about coping strategies for Autistic people is good read.

I wrote three posts. One about making peace with the past moving forward language-wise. One about going back to Windows some time soon. And the third is a beginning for series of Today I Learned because I want to share what I learned and since I am still looking for a new position I am not restricted about what I post, today it’s about internationalization and localization.


Awesome visualization tool for animations which will allow you to see them.

Gutenberg is coming so I am starting to look for resources how to implement new functionalities and I accidentally encounter basic support on BinaryMoon’s github.