Interesting things from the web – Week 51 of 2017

50 purple boxes, one orange and one turqoise

So it’s last week before the madness called Christmas ends. I am at the moment busy with job interviews, answering recruiters and planning interviews around my work day. It’s complicated especially when someone wants to talk to me over the phone for a bit longer unannounced.

Some times living in Europe feels like living in a bubble and that makes me happy whenever I hear from places like India because constraints there pose much interesting challenges. When I heard about success of Chinese smart phones in there I wasn’t really that surprised because they are also popping up in Czech republic.

Accessibility isn’t just ARIA attributes, sometimes you can work effectively without them. Simple semantic HTML is a lot of times more than enough as Laura Kalbag wrote in her post.

Recently I came across a post why it’s better to start a small business than a start-up. It resonates with me mainly because I am not a fan of start-ups which usually don’t bother thinking about their long-term impact.

Frankly I am baffled that fake designs work, probably, because I have a bit of a designer in me and I’m curious about the solved problems on a deeper level. But I don’t think that will stop me from making portfolio of fake designs, so I can practice my coding.

Have you ever wondered what senior engineer in a field younger than a handful of countries looks like? John Allspaw wrote a post about five years ago and it’s still valid.

As I wrote in one of my recent posts accessibility isn’t one thing, on one of Advent calendars which I follow, 24a11y, was published a post about A11y as philosophy.

Yesterday I published a post about headings, accessibility and standards. I am an engineer and that means that I question how I am doing things because there are very few good solutions but a lot of them are optimal. The question is always: for what are you optimizing?

Currently reading

Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune. Frankly it’s hard to read a book with so huge ecological theme in the background and read scientists’ reports about global warming.

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