Interesting things from the web – Week 48 of 2017

47 purple boxes, one orange box, four turquoise boxes

Week 48 of 2017 is a week when I gave notice at my day job. That means that I have next month before I’ll have to get serious about looking for a new job or try full time freelancing again.

Blog posts

I like BaseCS podcast because it allows me to remember things about computer science which I already forgot but before the podcast there was Vaidehi Joshi’s blog. This particular post is about trees and must say that one tree gave me nightmares because it reminded me about things we did in Czech language grammar classes at school.

I love reading posts ethics in tech because to me it means that the tech is maturing and at least some of us are starting to think about what we are building and if we should build it. Peter Hornsby wrote a post on UX Matters about UX design and ethics.

Being in the undiagnosable regions between ADHD and Autism and effectively dealing with traits of both I wish someone would show my parents this post about intrinsic motivation.

I didn’t plan to look for another job for several reason but recruiters contacted me in the past and quite a few have sent me a message/an e-mail with quite generic positions. Fortunately some one wrote a rant. Interestingly enough all messages that I received today didn’t fit that pattern.

In software development there is this weird obsession with side projects and that you have to do them. Of Coders and Carpenters blog posts summarizes it perfectly. (Hint: It’s Ok not to code all the time if you don’t want to.)


Overflow: hidden doesn’t alway hide descendants:

See the Pen overflow-hidden doesn’t always hide by David Gilbertson (@davidgilbertson) on CodePen.0

Breathing halftone:

See the Pen Breathing Halftone by John Heiner (@johnheiner) on CodePen.0

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