Interesting things from the web – Week 47 of 2017

46 purple boxes, one orange box, five turquoise boxes

I am dealing with a burnout at the moment because 2017 work-wise sucks for me. But I needed a surgery and for that I had to stay somewhere for a longer time. In two weeks I’ll be almost fully cleared for travel, not to Australia but I could visit my dad in Canada.

There was Inclusive Design 24 conference last week. 24 talks is a lot of talks. So let me tell you which ones I saw or plan to see:

When we are talking about meatspace consequences, Vini Andrade¬†tweeted at me post about moving slowly and fixing things. I love it because last couple of years I am not sure if I am going crazy or people don’t think what they are doing because online isn’t real…

Rachel Andrew wrote yet another blog post about CSS Grids, this time about what to do when browser don’t support CSS Grids, we are talking mostly about mobile, IE11 and Windows XP users.

On November 20 is Transgender Day of Rememberance. A day when all trans people and allies are reminded of senseless violence against ~0.5% of population. Book of this week is To My Trans Sisters.