Interesting things from the web – Week 46 of 2017

45 purple boxes, one orange box, six turquoise boxes

Frankly speaking life is hard when you have to spend two to three hours everyday on post-surgery care which is unpleasant at best and painful at worst. Luckily I have less than one month to go until I can start dialing down.


Repeated PSA: If you don’t use HTTPS and collect user data, shame on you. Also Chrome will start tagging you.

I love it when new assistive tech reaches the market but as Rose Eveleth points out those are exceptions. That makes me sad because in the media I hear about new assistive tech gadgets all the time. May be I should treat them like fake news from now on until proven as serious action.

Like any other design enthusiast I love ampersand. Jonny Gibson delves into the history of this character.

Whenever I see a post about CSS Grids from Rachel Andrew, I read it because I always learn something new.

In case you are sick of algorithms showing you what they think is important to you I have good news, there is this thing called RSS. I know it’s old and Google Reader is dead but you can still use it with other clients. Even this blog has RSS feed.

Liz Ryan is one of my go to employment columnists/writers whom I love to read. In this post she writes about branding yourself for a job higher than you are now.


Inclusive Design 24 is on Thursday, it’s free and online. So be there!

Currently reading

I got Noragami 8 and 9 in the mailbox but you might want to start with #1. It’s a shounen manga written and drawn by two ladies who use pseudonym Adachitoka. I love to read comic books by other women.