Interesting things from the web – Week 44 of 2017

43 purple boxes, one orange box, eight turquoise boxes

In the past I used to buffer tweets of interesting things which I read on my commute to work but I stopped doing that because my commute is mostly underground and it became quite a chore quite after a while. So let’s try a different experiment because I’d like to document the most interesting things which come across every week. So let’s try a weekly post with links to interesting things.

Code demos

Sarah Drasner‘s HSL turtles on CodePen. On Saturday I was playing with illustrations and finally chose to learn HSL color model and Sarah’s turtles were more than helpful to understand it.

Una Kravetsduo tone effect demo on CodePen. At the moment I am not sure when and how I’ll use it.

Third pen is from Mehmet Burak Erman which shows how perspective works in CSS.


First post is a refresher for me from David WalshHow JavaScript Event Delegation Works“.

When it comes to modern UI and Web Design I am missing tools which I could use. I am still sad that Macaw didn’t work out but I was happy to find out on Fast Company┬áthat InVision plans to release their own tool.

Kyle Wiens and Gay Gordon-Byrne published on IEEE Spectrum a post about right to repair. Right to repair is something which I want the world to talk about because I dislike wasting things.

Living with invisible disabilities makes me always interested about things around me and how other disabled people manage. Paula Sanchez wrote on her blog a post about dealing with getting help while studying at the university in her 40s. It’s interesting because I plan to go through something similar but decade earlier.

Quite depressing post about being a woman came out on Harvard Business Review. Being demihomosexual1 woman it makes me wonder how often the same happens in lesbian relationships.

Currently reading

  1. SVG Animations by Sarah Drasner
  2. The Mammoth Book of Steampunk edited by Sean Wallace
  1. Partly asexual and partly lesbian