Interesting things from the web – Week 4 of 2018

Three yellow trapezoids, one orange trapezoid, 48 purple trapezoids

January is almost over and I am starting to consider going full time freelance again, or at least I find a project which is a good fit for me.


CSS Grids are here but there is one thing that will make them even more awesome,  display: contents , what it is you can read on Igalia’s post. Trust me, it’s awesome.

I am still not comfortable using flexible sized grids all the time but articles like this one from Rachel Andrew helps me to become more comfortable.

Gutenberg on WordPress is coming whether I think it’s too soon for it or not. Bridget Willard wrote an interesting article about Gutenberg’s economic impact.

Second post about Gutenberg is from Ahmad Awais who wrote an article about writing custom blocks which I found quite interesting.

Because of the uncertainty around Gutenberg and my content’s changing needs brought me to start playing with Drupal. Michael Silverman wrote last year an article where he compared WordPress and Drupal.

Chris Coyier of CSS Tricks wrote an article about Accessibility testing tools which you probably should read.

On one of Microsoft’s blog came out an article about Learn More and why you should reconsider using it.

Like it or not, we as an IT professionals need to talk about mental health because a lot of us live with mental health issues and it’s not good for our mental health not to talk about it. Five people talk about their mental health on A List Apart.


Gutenberg blocks in WordPress‘ and Ahmad Awais‘ githubs.

Mailto links can be customized beyond an e-mail address.

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