Interesting things from the web – Week 24 of 52

23 yellow trapezoids, one orange trapezoid, 28 purple trapezoids

Last week I learned a lot about sales and refreshed my hand drawing skills on Udemy.


Andreas Larsen created a page about easing gradients in CSS. There is also a long form article about it on CSS-Tricks.

Timothy Dresser created data visualization from HTTP Archive with statistics about most used JavaScript libraries. Interestingly React plateaued, Vue.js is now on the same level and Angular is still rising.

Speaking of React, Dave Rupert looked at the React is “just” Javascript myth.

Personally I am a huge fan of good documentation and technical writers. So it makes happy when I can read posts from other devs about it. Owen Kelly wrote about Four layers to great documentation.

Safari implemented Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0 which will make harder to track you around the web.

On Byte My Bits was publish an article about four types of remote work. That said if I am ever going to look for a job I’d look either for Remote First or Remote Only ones.

With JavaScript frameworks everywhere, I love to read articles about HTML like the one from Claire Parker-Jones about button element and its types.

Zell Liew wrote a post about finding time to learn things.

My Friday post got published on Sunday and I talk there about setting up wizards for CMSes.

On Monday I wrote about learning data visualizations.


Animated focus outlines improved with :focus-within by Heydon Pickering


How I built this with Kate and Andy Spade


Practical Sales Skills for Anyone

The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced

Currently Reading

Sarah J. Maas: Throne of Glass