Interesting things from the web – Week 23 of 52

22 yellow trapezoids, one orange trapezoid, 29 purple trapezoids

When I got stuck with my SlothCMS side project I didn’t expect that other things will be put to halt. I still have a day job though.


Chris Ashton wrote about his experiences while browsing with constraints on Smashing Magazine. In this post he focused on visiting and rating websites while he had JavaScript turned off.

With AR and VR getting close to be useful there’s a question how should fonts be displayed. On Fast Company was published an article about fonts in 3D.

Ana Ranieri wrote for HBR an article for those of us who are unsure about managerial route.

Abinav Seelan explored why null in JavaScript behaves a little bit weirdly.

My personal position about BitCoin as an energy waster was confirmed by a peer-review study for the first time.

According to Flavio Lamenza’s post, there are no Dark pattern UX, just a-hole designs and I agree with him.

This week I also wrote a post ranting about recruiter’s behavior and being unrecruitable in Prague.


I am not a fan of Chrome but Chrome Dev Tools now support code hints.


I’ve been wondering what will I do next because next year my 20s will be finally over and I think I’ll be soon ready for an adventure. Listening through my backlog of podcasts, The Lesbian Talk Show had an episode about finding purpose in life which caught my ear.

I would like to start freelancing again, at least on the side, but probably not as a software developer because I get enough of that at my day job. But there was an episode on Being Freelance about freelancing on the side which implanted a bug in my head.

There is a new-ish podcast from Bloomberg The Pay Check. Go and listen to it. All of it.