Interesting things from the web – Week 2 of 2018

One yellow trapezoid, one orange trapezoid, 50 purple trapezoids

This week’s list of links is shorter than usual because life happens.

There are days when I am fully able human but there are also days when I am hardly functioning. During those days I can’t be around people or I get anxiety attack, my senses are heightened so much that it’s not easy to leave the house. People don’t see that, all they see is person in their 20s and don’t care. Nia Sims summed my feelings in her article being really visibly disabled for The Guardian.

To continue the disabled narrative, Judy Endow wrote an article about being Autistic and aging. This topic interests me greatly because at the moment older Autistic people are my window to the future because Autistic researchers focus mostly on forcing Autistic children to act as Neurotypical children and eugenics.

Employee loyalty is great but it has its limits. Steve Buckley wrote a great article on HackerNoon. Please, don’t sacrifice yourself for your job.

It’s quite interesting that certain discoveries are made almost concurrently by people who are not in regular contact. This is the case for Meltdown and Spectre bugs.