Interesting things from the web – Week 18 of 52

17 yellow trapezoids, one orange trapezoid, 34 purple trapezoids

It’s May already, that means only four more months until I am able travel overnight again.


Google bought a .dev domain for themselves and with an update to Chromium and subsequently to Chrome development workflows for a lot of team will break/are broken because HTTPS is required by default.

Microsoft announced that in the next Edge browser release there will be implemented Variable Fonts.

As a trans woman I know more sex workers than a mostly asexual person needs to know. Recent FOSTA-SESTA makes me angry because a) it will force people I know into more risky situations, b) it doesn’t help non-white modern slaves, c) it’s mostly redundant because there are laws that cover it, and finally, d) the statistics which they reasoned with were flawed. At the time of writing this post, Pragmatic Programmer’s forum is down because of FOSTA-SESTA.

When I am at poop around tech, there is an interview with Cathy O’Neil about Math and its use in company politics and how it affects all of us and why we should care.

Another thing which I don’t like are ghost buttons. On Design Modo is an article how to make them a bit more user friendly.

RTFM is awful, April Wensel wrote an article about what to say instead.

Mozilla acquired Pocket but because it’s a non-profit it needs to generate money to keep operations up. On their blog they write about one of their income streams which doesn’t require selling users data.

Jessica Knoll writes on NY Times that she wants to be rich. I am including this link here because I do have some complicated money issues.

What you can’t see, you can’t be. It feels great to see women inventors and their inventions from times when women couldn’t open their own bank account or have property rights.

EU unfortunately doesn’t have something like ADA yet but there is a directive that public web sites and apps have to be accessible from September 2018.


On Fjord Fika podcast was as a host Sara Wachter-Boettcher talking about empathy and ethics of digital products and services.

Mental health is a special interest of mine, in a recent episode of mental breakdown the doctors discussed how signs of depression differ between adults for whom are modeled diagnostic criteria and teenagers and elderly.

I am not a quiet developer, just at the moment I have a bit different priorities than writing code during all waking hours. Seán Hanson on CodeNewbie talks about writing code which is only in private repositories or not writing a blog.

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