Incremental changes

Bar graph where every bar is higher than the previous one and every bar has a different color

Everyone loves new redesigns when it comes to their own pages and I am no different. But there is one big but there. What to do when big redesigns are impossible to do?

I have been struggling with my website when it comes to design since forever. I want it to be perfect and I am the one who sets the deadline and have unlimited revisions. There’s no end to tweaks even after I launch the new design. Did I mention that I am also the worst design client ever?

But something has to give in.

I am not waiting for Saturn and Jupiter to align themselves with the Sun to find time to redesign my own website. Fortunately there’s something called Continuous Development/Continuous Integration in the developer world, may be, just may be I could try to do it with the design of my website.

In the pre-HTTP2 world I’d probably wait before sending things into production but now when it’s fine not to concatenate all CSS files I thought I’ll give it a try. This is also a good time to revise all CSS rules which I am using currently, after a year I have no idea what I have written there. This also means that I am free to add a documentation system, be it SassDoc or some style guide system.

For now I am starting with now and about pages to see how things are working. If they’ll work out next step would to create more formal system.

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