How I made my logo

There are several ways how to create a logo and they are tied to branding. First question I have asked what will be my name. The second why?I could have gone down the road that I will use my name as my brand name but I have tried to do that some time before. The reason why I am not willing to go down this road is my transgender status, my name has changed more than once since I was born. Therefore all my efforts if I continued until today would be wasted and I would have an reminder of a name I didn’t like.

So as the brand name I had to pick something else. As a neurodivergent person I wanted it to be reflected in my brand name. The first thought was “Shut the noise” because I live with Sensory processing disorder and the noise around me is often terrible. It didn’t feel like something I wanted to use after a while, so I abandoned it.

After I was going through the papers about my neurodivergency I decided that the word “dyslexic” would be nice to have in it. One word isn’t enough so I kept looking.

During the summer I wanted something to substitute a Rubber duck. For those not familiar with the Rubber duck, there is a programming technique when a developer can’t ask for help another person while coding, so she explains it to a rubber duck. I bought a stuffed animal, red panda. I liked them before so the choice of the animal was simple. (I could have bought a sloth for this 🙂 )

It would be weird, in my mind, to name my brand Dyslexic and Panda as there is only one person behind Dyslexic Panda brand so I dropped the “and”.


I have been toying with the design of the logo since the summer but I was unable to find something good. I knew I wanted a logo in a font which is recommended for dyslexic people. There was a choice between:

  • some dyslexic font
    • As much as I’d like to see a lot of those I think the current ones are ugly and dyslexic people don’t really like them. An ugly font is an ugly font
  • sans serif font
    • May be a Josefin Sans would be nice but I dislike reading sans serif fonts without a screen reader
  • roman font
    • I don’t have a preference when it comes roman fonts, they are everywhere
  • monospace font
    • This is the solution I chose because I have quite a long history sitting behind terminal window. But that isn’t the only reason, the font I chose was one I liked and thought it could be a good choice for the job
  • Some weird dyslexic font
    • I am talking about the AlphaSymbolic font which is quite well researched but it lacks recognition outside of small circles of people who use it if any. But I tried to use it

As I have said the logo was on my mind since summer. One of the earliest “sketches” appeared on jsbin:

JS Bin on

At that time I worked with system monospace font which is different on every system, so there would some downside when it comes to a brand recognition as system monospace font is different on every system. I also tried to be as fancy as possible by reflecting the “Dyslexic” part. The reason behind was simple: it is possible.

This week I thought about it more and as a result I created several variants and compared them in one document:

Several vector sketches of the Dyslexic Panda logo When I saw them all like this it was quite easy to see that trying to do a thing just because I can was, in this case, a foolish idea1. These are the two variants I chose, one long and one short:

Long Dyslexic Panda logo Short Dyslexic Panda logo



I have thought about using some graphical representation of a red panda in the logo but for the time being I decided that it’s not necessary and it would look weird. I might change my mind in a year or two. If I ever choose to create one I would aim to create it responsive like the ones on Responsive Logos.

  1. There is a time and place for trying new things but sometimes I need to think if I should