Getting better at stuff

Three bars, each taller than the previous with a headline "Progress"

I know that I am getting better at graphic design and illustration and other things. I can compare what I did a year ago and what I did yesterday and see improvements. But still I am frustrated.

I am frustrated because my taste for design isn’t the same as it was a year ago. In the last year I didn’t stop studying work of other people. I’ve seen designers and illustrators to progress, I’ve seen some awful stuff made in paint brush by non-designer because the people higher up in an organization didn’t see a value in designers for certain projects and I’ve seen work by designers who seemingly either didn’t care or were really junior-ish. All these experiences pushed me further and my taste for good design is more refined than it was year ago.

What isn’t where I want it? My skills. For most part of the last twelve months I’ve been fighting depression and anxiety because of my day job. Anyone who has an experience with either knows that it’s really hard to do stuff which is not the absolute minimum. Today I had to fight with both of them.

This is not the time to quit because I am not good enough in my eyes. This is the time to continue making stuff otherwise I never get better at things which matter to me and being able to make good-looking demos for my code is important to me.