GameDev’s log #9

I have missed a log last week and week before that for a good reason: Game development is my side project/hobby, not my career and even though it helps me to grow it through learning how to use storytelling. Currently my career as designer is at the beginning so making games is and continues to be a long painful process between my main job and other side projects.

When it comes to the design jam I wanted to participate, it didn’t work out because of other engagements which appeared around the same time or later. Also I am still not sure about the game engine behind the game which I wanted to make.

Goal until next logs:

  1. Research capabilities of Godot engine
  2. Research capabilities of Unreal engine

In the future I am going to participate in GameDev jams but they will have to be week or two long and I will not schedule during that time any other work and will focus on that particular game. And I won’t participate in more than two of them every year.