GameDev log #8

I am going to split this post into several parts as I work on my next game.

Part 1:

I don’t know if this was a rookie mistake or bad design or something but I had to repartition my main external hard drive, I have three, because of Unity. Unity doesn’t like case sensitive filesystems for some reason. From my point of view it’s a bad design but that’s my view as a developer and a dyslexic. So I have spent a little over one full day moving my files between hard drives, partitioning the main one which was impossible to do on my Mac, so I used dad’s Windows 7 box where I can do it much faster and easier.

Part 2:

I have begun working a bit on the concept art for my princess escapes game. The basic maze is half of the castle where the princess begins her escape from the castle’s tower and goes through levels to the bottom. There are two kinds of enemies which has to avoid, bats and rats. Both should be quite common in a castle. I am also pondering whether to add spiders that are in the script.

Princess Escapes maze sketch

Back to Unity. I am not 100% sure that I want to use this engine because they are going to change their business model and at the moment I am not sure how it will impact me. So I have some things to think about.