GameDev log #6

I have been blogging about my side project, making games, for six weeks now. And it has been a bit headache. Several games I want to work on and deciding which is a priority and then choosing one. I am still not sure about making games for iOS because when I look at Apple’s AppStore it feels weird. May be I get an Android phone and use that as my main platform.

Anyway I wrote  a script for Summer Pixel Jam game. It’s going to be a platformer with a story where princess saves herself by escaping a castle. This is one of the games which I wanted to make too and this feels very close to my heart so it’ll be nice to see how it works.

I still have assets for those two iOS things and at the moment I am contemplating whether I want to just edit those raster sketches and use them or convert them all to vector format. I’ll be definitely redoing the car in vector editor, so should I make them all vector or not. I tried to do that with one obstacle but I am unsure about those two games in general.

Commentary of Apple Review Guidelines by Craig Grannell